Entrepreneur class

Invited Entrepreneurs based on the business skill set to encourage, assist at establishing the business idea and also state possible challenges and how to tackle them.

Viewing Parties

There will be at least two viewing parties every month within the hub just to keep our members up-to date with every keynote around the world.

Startup funerals

An event to boost startups within the hub and create an avenue to discuss about startups that crashed, what led to them crashing and how to avoid such failures.

Dev bootcamp

This is a camp program for Beginners, intermediary and advanced developers. Trainings such as code camps, study jams will all be inculcated into the bootcamp.

Dev meetup

For all developers within and outside the locality,hub members or not.Aimed at increasing the dev ecosystem within Bauchi, Northern Nigeria and beyond

Demo Days

Every Friday at 9am members of the Hub come together to show one another what they have been able to achieve within the week and TGIF fun starts after that.


Training Room

Executive Lounge

Confrence Room