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UpliftHub DevOps BootCamp


Learn DevOps from Scratch…

Learning DevOps can be a daunting task when capital and resources are scarce. In partnership with Digital Ocean, we want to make it easy for you to build a career in DevOps. At the end of this program, we expect participants to get employed as DevOps Engineers around the world. 


Stage I: Introduction to DevOps

We will start from the basics and work our way to a level where you are comfortable to move to the next level. Topics that will be discussed at teh stage include but not limited to:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Bash Scripting
  • Git Version Control
  • Linux Networking
  • Cloud Providers

Stage II Intermediate DevOps

On Completing Stage 1, Successful participants will proceed to learn more advanced technologies like:

  • Provisioners (Ansible, Chef, Terraform)
  • CI/CD
  • Container technologies (Docker, rkt, etc.)
  • Infrastructure as a Service

Stage III: Advanced

At this stage, participants will proceed to learn all stage 2 technologies in deeper depths and also get introduced to technologies like:

  • Kubernetes
  • Service Mesh

Successful participants will also get to participate in an internship program where they will get to work on real like projects. and those who distinguish themselves will be pitched to companies requiring the services of DevOps Engineers.

Key Features

Free Digital Ocean Linux droplets

You don’t need to overpower your machines or pay for virtual machines online. You will have access to Virtual Machines donated by Digital Ocean to practice and learn as you please.


Detailed Curriculum

We have curated a comprehensive list of content and organized them in a way that will help you learn in an easy and understandable format.

And we will be using Google Classroom, which will enhance the learning experience.

Hybrid Learning Experience

Aside from Learning online using Google Classroom, We will also have regular office hours on slack, AMA with an Expert, Physical meetup, etc.


Registration Fee: 2,500 Naira / Stage

We would love to make it free but we need to pay bills, we believe 2,500 Naira is a fair price to pay to acquire knowledge that can help you build a career.

Help us make it free for everyone...

As a non-profit organization, UpliftHub is poised to help as many as possible to acquire teh knowledge they require to get empowered.

To sponsor this initiative of ours, kindly donate.

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